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 How to Make Money in Guild Wars

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PostSubject: How to Make Money in Guild Wars   Fri May 18, 2012 2:58 am

How to Make Money in Guild Wars

The basic principle of a power trader is that buy items at low price and resell items at high price. It is very common and simple, so the question is how can you know the price? There are two ways to check price. One way is check price at price check buy guild wars items section and high end section on guru forum, another way is check price in the game. And there are other three basic principles. Firstly, limited amount miniatures will be more and more rare, the price will go up, so you can make profits if you have some rare miniatures.

But the first question that you should know what is a rare miniature, search miniatures on Guild Wars official website. buy guild wars item will tell you everything, any limited amount miniatures that less than 1000 in the game is a rare miniature. Secondly, common weapons will be more and more, so the price will go down, sell these weapons as soon as fast. Thirdly, the weapons that do not have inscription but with good attribute is rare and very useful in the player against player model.

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How to Make Money in Guild Wars
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