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 First Impression on the TERA Mystic Class

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PostSubject: First Impression on the TERA Mystic Class   Mon May 14, 2012 2:10 am

First Impression on the TERA Mystic Class

Visually they're a stunning class to play. Each of their spells dazzle, and whether healing or crowd controlling, they are astonishingly effective. One of the most potent things they're proficient at, espoused by any Tera power leveling Mystic Guide, is their ability to absorb or leech enemy health and mana, so that they not only are far weaker, but also substantially easier to kill. This comes even more into play against high level mobs and bosses. While it takes time to develop the intuition needed to master, they are first and foremost a ranged class. They wear light armor and aren't good in close quarters, but after practice their buffs, heals, and offensive skills become Tera powerleveling unbeatable. TERA Mystic manipulate the flow of battle, and in some respects take on a Paladin style role. They empower their allies and weaken their foes; they heal the wounded and invigorate the tanks to charge deeper!

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First Impression on the TERA Mystic Class
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