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 Farming In The Underworld For Guild Wars item

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PostSubject: Farming In The Underworld For Guild Wars item   Thu May 10, 2012 12:17 am

Farming In The Underworld For Guild Wars item

Farming is the term used to refer to repeating a quest or mission in a game to keep on getting the rewards. In Guild Wars, there are several farming techniques which will enable you to quickly gain rare items, as well as large amounts of Guild Wars gold.

It is worthwhile investing a character slot to create a character purely for farming. By using the Xunlai chests you can easily transfer guild wars 2 items and items between your characters. In this way you can focus on a main PvE or PvP character, and supplement your progress with the proceeds from your farming character.

Once you have entered the Underworld, use your speed skills to leave the main chamber, avoiding the Aatxes. As the build is focussed on Smite Crawlers, you will find it very difficuly to beat the Aatxe mobs on your own. Head towards the Lost Soul and talk to him to gain the quest. A number of mobs of Grasping Darkness' will then spawn around you. The trick is to lure one mob at a time, and make sure you defeat all the Grasping Darkness' before moving on to the next group.

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Farming In The Underworld For Guild Wars item
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