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 Review Question Of WOW Items Pets Battle System

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PostSubject: Review Question Of WOW Items Pets Battle System   Tue May 08, 2012 12:21 am

Review Question Of WOW Items Pets Battle System

March 15, the mists of pandaria media trial conference, Blizzard answered reporters concerns: pet battle system.

Reporter: I understand, but I strongly recommend that, how many there should be a little on the players valuable feedback. It may affect the whole system.

BLZ:. Really need to add some incentive for players, but we do not want to add this award to an "excessive" need to have a boundary on the inside. The "boundary" is it to join the award will not affect the main game character "power" can not allow the role wow items to become more "powerful". However, we will add some extra incentive, for example, the appearance on the awards, or special mounts, so pet only to give players some incentive, without affecting the balance of the game.

The problem Review: The problem is the practice of the author world of Warcraft Items on the prospects for dialogue with the Blizzard of pet battle system, in one sense, I kind of want a positive impact on the hearts of the Blizzard designers through these issues one tendon. More linked with the role attribute value of the game content to let them in the time of EU wow item the game content creation, production, in order to generate more long-lasting playable content. Control the degree of the property, I believe the game will become more interesting and more fun.

World of Warcraft as they did design it, or make so many one-off or short-acting consumption on the inside, woeful.

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Review Question Of WOW Items Pets Battle System
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