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 Cheap TCG Loot Blizzard Comments Pet Battle System

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PostSubject: Cheap TCG Loot Blizzard Comments Pet Battle System   Mon May 07, 2012 1:10 am

Cheap TCG Loot Blizzard Comments Pet Battle System

The reporter asked: because I think the system is actually quite complex because it involves a lot of pets and their skills to design. Such a complex system, we have to update the player's participation was so small, this ratio seems less Cheap Miscellaneous Mounts cost-effective for us. So I think this setup is not very reasonable.

BLZ: I think there is a doubt that you think the system is not enough players to stay in the game?

Reporter: not.

Others added: he felt that from an economic point of view, it is not so cost-effective.

BLZ: basically from an overall game health or the benefits of the game to consider this issue. It does not feel that, if the players do before the other most want to do, want of leisure time to play again this system is not a waste of resources, nor is TCG Loot uneconomical. JJC, how many players will be all day playing JJC it, that part of the players in the entire game is very small, but the JJC system for the entire game is very good.
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Cheap TCG Loot Blizzard Comments Pet Battle System
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