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 Panda Camp To Select Cheap WOW Items Preview

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PostSubject: Panda Camp To Select Cheap WOW Items Preview   Sat May 05, 2012 4:17 am

Panda Camp To Select Cheap WOW Items Preview

A long time ago, we have learned that the Pandaren race in 10 select camp tasks, but for most of the players without a test wow items qualification, could not witnessed this process. Today we take a look at this exciting moment!

Look at this bear children excited! Mouth has been chatter, nonsense (foul language to vomit slots), but his emotion infected do not you?

Expect ah! Panda, so hurry!If your Panda when one reaches 10, then you will choose Alliance or Horde?For the Horde, / Alliance!

Nourishment: the treatment of 6151 to 7148 + spell power * 61.4% of the value of life, from 4319-5019 + spell power * 43.1% increase.

Healing: treatment of world of Warcraft Items 9813 to the 10 955 + spell power * 95.8% of the value of life, and treatment within 6 seconds 2361 + spell power * 7.3% of the value of life, from 2070 + spell power * 5.1% increase.

Wild Growth: treatment of 6930 + spell power * 9.2% at the value of life, from 4865 + spell power * 6.4% increase.

Wild mushrooms: bloom: the wow items Online treatment of 6073-7348 + spell power * 62% of the value of life from 4264-5159 + spell power * 43.5% increase.

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Panda Camp To Select Cheap WOW Items Preview
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