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 Guild Wars Items is a turn-based game mode

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PostSubject: Guild Wars Items is a turn-based game mode   Sat May 05, 2012 4:10 am

Guild Wars Items is a turn-based game mode

Pets Battle is a turn-based game mode, play against the masters Buy WOW Items of both each other see each other is the presence of surface display of Guild Wars Items the Lich King with three babies, three babies play and Illidan with both sides in turn moves to duel .

Reporter: I ask a question, is the morning when we saw that pets play against, I feel it is a pretty great system. But it lacks the real value of the player on the role of guild war item feedback results to enhance and help. This will make the players involved in lack of this system. Will play because the player is only in the most boring, completely nothing dry, how do you look at the system requirements?

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Guild Wars Items is a turn-based game mode
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