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 Cheap WOW Items New Battlefield Design Ideas Change

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PostSubject: Cheap WOW Items New Battlefield Design Ideas Change   Thu May 03, 2012 2:53 am

Cheap WOW Items New Battlefield Design Ideas Change

Mists of pandaria global media would meet has ended, here is the front-line we bring you interviews with Blizzard designers. This is a interview Blizzard director of game production J.Allen Brack, In the interview, he answered a topic Buy Wow items Cheap WOW Items of concern for many players, under an information after the full level of the film, players can play anything, and who will be the final BOSS, etc., with a look:

Not play the old copy of the advanced copy of this issue difficult to resolve: the most advanced copy (such as the Dragon Soul) When a player can play, they will not go back to play the previous copy. This is indeed a problem, the old copy of wow items the players have played so many times, already by heart. This you can not avoid, you can not force them to go back. How to allow players to experience the previous copy, we are doing is to take the time to redo them, so that they related to the story and the current version. As for directly improving the previous copy of the drop Level to stimulate the players to go back, this lame because it can not solve all the problems.

Why is full of class players just want to make the most advanced copy for why follow? "Of T13 grade equipment out before the equipment WOW Power Level has no use of this design concept, Blizzard join me you have been to follow step by step to the idea of want to play the Dragon Soul, go to the MC to get a set of T1, and then go to BWL to take the set T2, came all the way to the final to play T13 copy, if you practice a small number found to be so, it would be too much trouble.

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Cheap WOW Items New Battlefield Design Ideas Change
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