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 Runescape items: Fight for Earth Preview

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PostSubject: Runescape items: Fight for Earth Preview   Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:24 pm

Runescape items: Fight for Earth Preview

DC Universe Online is getting ready for a major Runescape items content update with the Fight For Earth DLC release later today. Fight For Earth brings awesome new powers into the game and we've got a terrific preview for your reading pleasure. Check it out!

Set to launch today after some patch downtime, DC Universe Online’s latest DLC: The Fight for Earth may just be SOE Austin’s most ambitious RS items batch of content yet. There’s a new Earth Power Set (which can be either a tanking or damage set), it’s the finale to the game’s first major story-arc about Brainiac, there’s a new open world area for level 30s in South Gotham that’s been opened up, new Tier 4 armor and crafted gear, two new raids, new duos, and new alerts. The only thing Buy Runescape items that doesn’t get a boost in this DLC is PVP, but the SOE Austin folks were quick to point out that the next DLC is a heavily PVP focused update. It certainly seems that after a rocky start, DCUO has found its niche and stride as a premier capes and tights MMO.

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Runescape items: Fight for Earth Preview
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