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 dyers Poetics: Fernando Bolero

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PostSubject: dyers Poetics: Fernando Bolero    Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:31 am

dyers Poetics: Fernando Bolero

Born in Colombia in 1932, Bolero's work is easily recognized by its opulent style. A figurative Frida Kahlo paintings artist, Bolero excels in representing people and objects in a highly exaggerated manner. Inflated shapes, manipulated scales of size, his use of colors and lack of texture all serve to give volume to reality. Bolero embraces subjects of politics and religion, particularly in his native South Fabian Perez paintings American culture, and in the process draws attention to the disproportionate importance given to certain aspects of society. He denies that it is his intention to be critical or ironic, stating:Botero studied in France and his work often shows the influence of the great masters including Grotto, dell Francesco, and Duello. He is a citizen of the world, Pablo Picasso paintings having lived in New York, Paris and other cosmopolitan areas. His paintings, sculptures and drawings have been exhibited in museum collections throughout the world. Subjects include portraits, political and religious figures and issues, still life, disasters both man-made and natural and take-offs of known paintings by the European Masters.
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dyers Poetics: Fernando Bolero
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