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 Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations

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PostSubject: Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations    Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:13 pm

Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations

Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations matched to huge discipline principle. The existing SLA4038 Huge Hammer Product can be a huge discipline principle in the curled spacetime. Sadly, simply no these kinds of principle will be mathematically well-defined; despite this kind of, theoreticians claim TA2020-020 they can remove details using this hypothetical principle. Alternatively, the particular super-classical reduce with the not necessarily mathematically well-defined QED in the curled spacetime will be the mathematically well-defined Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac BIT3195G method. (You can get yourself a related method for your common product.) Being a very principle, EMD violates the particular positivity overuse injury in the particular Penrose-Hawking Singularity Theorem. Hence, it will be possible there will be full remedies LNK5640N without the singularities-Yau provides in reality made several. Moreover, it really is identified how the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac method admits regarding solitonic remedies, my partner and i.elizabeth., time-honored electrons and also photons. Here is the sort of principle Einstein was hoping TA8268H regarding. EMD is a entirely geometricized principle being a non-commutative geometry; the following, the particular demand elizabeth as well as the size meters with the electron are usually geometric invariants with the non-commutative geometry comparable to be able to pi.
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Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations
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