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 Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations

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PostSubject: Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations    Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:07 pm

Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations

Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations are based on massive area concept. The present ne5532 Large Boom Design is really a massive area concept inside a bent spacetime. Regrettably, absolutely no this kind of concept is actually mathematically well-defined; regardless of this particular, theoreticians TDA61200 claim that they can draw out info out of this theoretical concept. However, the actual super-classical restrict from the not really mathematically well-defined QED inside a bent spacetime may be the mathematically well-defined MIP801D Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac program. (You could obtain a comparable program for that regular design.) Like a extremely concept, EMD violates the actual positivity symptom in the actual Penrose-Hawking Singularity Theorem. Therefore, it's possible there could be total options PAL007A with no singularities-Yau offers actually built a few. In addition, it's recognized the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac program confesses associated with solitonic options, we.at the., traditional electrons as well as photons. This is actually the type of concept Einstein hoped with regard to. XWM8716 EMD is another completely geometricized concept like a non-commutative geometry; right here, the actual cost at the and also the bulk michael from the electron tend to be mathematical invariants from the non-commutative geometry similar in order to private detective.
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Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations
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